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The fight to lower Malaysia’s voting age

By Tria Raimundo

Tharma Pillai co-founded Undi18 in 2016 to advocate that Malaysia lower its voting age from 21 to 18. At the time, Malaysia was one of nine countries that prohibited anyone under the age of 21 from voting in an election.

Israel has occupied Palestinian territories since 1967; UN court considers whether that’s legal

By Hope O'Dell

The United Nations General Assembly has asked the organization’s court to give advice on what legal consequences Israel should face for its decades-long occupation of the Palestinian territories. 

7 minute read

What it's like to rescues migrants at sea

By Liza Slutskaya

“No one deserves to die at sea ... seeking a safe and more humane life,” said Leona Blankenstein, tactical coordinator of Sea Watch International, an organization dedicated to search and rescue in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

South Africa's case against Israel is the fifth time UN genocide law has been used this way

By Hope O'Dell

The ICJ is considering whether to approve provisional measures that would immediately order Israel to stop all military operations in the Gaza Strip.

5 minute read

Despite early support, Australians voted 'No' to First Nations' Voice in constitution

On Oct. 14, Australia held a nationwide referendum on whether to amend the constitution to include the Voice, an advisory board made up of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

3 minute read