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Past Events

Pritzker Forum on Global Cities: Opening Night Reception


The opening night of the Pritzker Forum on Global Cities will feature an evening of connections and conversations on this year's theme, Harnessing AI: Tools for Urban Leaders.

Mayor Brandon Johnson speaks at the opening night of the Pritzker Forum.

2023 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Event Series: Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Explore a series of deep-dive conversations with global leaders from government, business, and civil society on the promises and pitfalls of artificial intelligence and its impacts on cities.

Four panelist on stage at the Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

Commentary & Analysis

Many global cities are expanding outdoor dining, so what makes Chicago's Clark Street an exception?

ChicagoGlobal by Jack Benjamin

Due to unresolved civic tensions, Chicago's Clark Street faces a potential shutdown despite expansions of outdoor dining programs in other global cities.

People sit on the terrace of a cafe in Paris
Thibault Camus / AP
Global Cities

Tea connoisseurs — yes, there are tea connoisseurs — set to raise a cup in Chicago

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

At the Chicago Tea Festival, visitors from around the country will meet to taste and buy some of the most exotic blends from around the world.

A woman holds a coffee mug Global Cities


The Emerging Geopolitics of Infrastructure Competition

Working Paper by Simon Curtis

The success of ambitious states will be determined by their ability to shape global infrastructures and the cities they connect around the world.

Belt and Road High Speed Rail
AP Photos
Global Cities

A Tale of Two Regions: The Economic and Political Importance of Different Paths to Heartland Renewal

Working Paper by Coauthors

The regeneration strategies of the former industrial areas of Pittsburgh in the US and Germany's Ruhr offer lessons for other regions in economic transition.

Pittsburgh Skyline
AP Photos
Global Cities


Michael A. Nutter 

Distinguished Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Michael A. Nutter
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