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Past Events

Inside Modern-Day Diplomacy with Baroness Catherine Ashton


Join Baroness Catherine Ashton for a discussion on 21st century diplomacy and how it can address the many challenges the world faces today.

A photo of Catherine Ashton speaking into a microphone.
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Ambassador Jean-Arthur R├ęgibeau on Belgium-US Relations


Ambassador R├ęgibeau joins members of the Council community to share insights into the current state of the Belgium-US relationship.

Flags wave outside the NATO headquarters.
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Commentary & Analysis

The G7 Now Has a Plan for Countering China and Russia

In the News
World Politics Review
Paul Poast

"The G-7 approach has three facets: ignore Russian intimidation, economically decouple from China and court nations throughout the Global South," Paul Poast writes.

World leaders gather around a table at the G-7 summit
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US Foreign Policy

Making Cyberspace Safe for Democracy

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

How can cyber technologies erode democracy?

Rep. Kat Cammack, questions TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew during a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
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Science, Technology and Innovation


The US-Japan Alliance in the Age of Crisis

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

Survey results reveal how Japanese perceptions of security in East Asia have changed following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio participate in an arrival ceremon
The White House
Public Opinion

Infrastructure: The EU's Global Gateway Put to the Test

Working Paper by Alessandro Gili

Through infrastructure investments, economic integration, and green and digital transitions, the EU's Global Gateway will shape Africa and its cities as new hubs for development.

African construction site
Global Cities


Daniel W. Drezner 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Council expert Daniel W. Drezner