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Past Events

Strengthening Regional Economies for a Sustainable Midwest


Ahead of the Cities Summit of the Americas, the Council brings together local and national leaders to explore policy priorities for a sustainable Midwest.

Roundtable Discussion
Matt Watson

We Will Chicago: Economic Development


The final public engagement event in the We Will Chicago series gathers local and international leaders to discuss models of equitable economic development.

Chicago El train
Josh Hild

Commentary & Analysis

From "Rust Belt" to "Trust Belt": Why the Language We Use Matters

Global Insight by Coauthors

In promoting economic renewal in industrial heartland regions, leaders must avoid language that condemns these regions and their citizens to passivity.

Heartland renewal
Global Economy, Trade and Business

What Midwest Industrial Communities Can Teach About Managing Economic Change

In the News
Our Towns Civic Foundation
John Austin

There are growing efforts on both sides of the Atlantic to diminish economic disparities between thriving global city regions and struggling communities in industrial heartlands.

Industrial heartland landscape
Global Cities


Transatlantic Learning Exchange: Economic Renewal and Democracy

Working Paper by John Austin

John Austin shares insights from a transatlantic convening that explores the political repercussions of economic inequality and extremist ideology.

Industrial landscape Global Cities

City Diplomacy During COVID-19: The 2022 Cities and International Engagement Survey

Report by Michele Acuto

This report presents findings from a survey of city governments that identifies major issues for international engagement, including the COVID-19 pandemic and response.

Global Cities