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Rob Paral

Nonresident Fellow, Global Cities

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Council expert Rob Paral

About Rob Paral

Rob Paral is a demographic and public policy consultant. His specialties include immigrant, Latino and Asian populations, community needs for health and human service programs, and Midwestern demographic change.

As principal of Rob Paral and Associates, Paral has assisted more than 100 different human service, advocacy, and philanthropic organizations in understanding the communities they are trying to serve. He works with large-scale data and geographic information systems technology to develop both national and highly localized portraits of human needs and contributions among low-income and immigrant populations.

Paral was the senior research associate of the Washington, DC, office of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, and was research director of the Latino Institute of Chicago. He has been a fellow or adjunct of the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame University, DePaul University Sociology Department, and the American Immigration Council in Washington, DC. He writes about Chicago demography on the Chicago Data Guy blog.