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A couple in Uganda wrapped in a gay pride flag, seen from behind. US Foreign Policy
AP Photos
The Unholy Relationship Between Uganda's Anti-LGBTQ+ Law and US Evangelicalism
BLOG Global Insight by Emma Sanderson
American religious groups have spent millions exporting homophobia to the East African nation.

Past Events

Inclusive Economies in an Age of Recession

Women, Equity, and Global Development Forum

Experts consider whether overlapping global crises, inflation, and slowing growth will bolster or derail efforts to build more inclusive economies.

A money changer sells US dollar bills at a currency exchange office located in Ankara, Turkey

The Right to the Shoreline


Sam Kling, Cynthia Weiss, and Sonja Henderson discuss the Right to the Shoreline and the art it inspires, cohosted with the Chicago Public Art Group.

A Chicago Public Art Group piece.
Chicago Public Art Group

Commentary & Analysis

Reversing Urban Apartheid: Lessons from Lawrence T. Brown's The Black Butterfly

Global Insight by Coauthors

Pattis Family Foundation Global Cities Book Award finalist, The Black Butterfly, uses the city of Baltimore to examine the policies, practices, and historical trauma that created hyper-segregation in today’s cities.

The Black Butterfly Global Cities

Building an Inclusive National Security Workforce

Impact Stories by Shannon Gonzalez

The Council and Girl Security partnered to engage the next generation of women in national security.

Young woman talking into a microphone. Inclusion and Equity


Women in National Security and International Humanitarian Law Compliance

Report by Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan examines the potential impact of women’s increased participation and decision-making in militaries and national security in Interdisciplinary Political Studies.

A woman in uniform faces away from camera and salutes in front of a blue sky.
The National Guard
Defense and Security

Serving the Citizens—Not the Bureaucracy

Report by Sascha Haselmayer

New America's Sascha Haselmayer presents a strategic vision for city procurement.

City planners look at a document Global Cities