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Past Events

Invenergy CEO Michael Polsky on the Global Energy Transition


Michael Polsky joins the Council to discuss the global energy landscape and the importance of security, reliability, and affordability.

Michael Polsky speaking onstage at the Council Conference Center.

Exploring Public Views on China, Energy, and More


Council experts Karl Friedhoff and Craig Kafura discuss China and energy security ahead of the Global Energy Transition public program.

A solar panel installation in Ruicheng County in central China's Shanxi Province on Nov. 28, 2019
AP Photos

Commentary & Analysis

Fighting in South Gaza, Ukraine Aid, Growth of A.I.

Video Series
World Review with Ivo Daalder

Ryan Heath and Giles Whittell join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.

Missiles in Israel
AP Photos
Global Politics

A New Goal for Agricultural AI: Gender Mainstreaming

Global Food for Thought by Molly Shields

The inclusion of gender mainstreaming in agricultural AI can help reduce gender inequity for female smallholder farmers.

A woman holding a laptop stands outside observing her farm.
AP Photos
Food and Agriculture


Americans See Energy Supply Disruption as Biggest Threat to US Security

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

The public also remains concerned about the potential for a global economic downtown, Council polling shows.

Pipes at the landfall facilities of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline
Tech and Science

Bikes and Scooters on the Road to Net Zero? Yes, with Some 'Ifs'

Working Paper by Coauthors

Micromobility can play a major role in transportation decarbonization, but its potential varies depending on the conditions in which it's employed.

A group of people on bikes wait at a crosswalk
Olivier DJIANN
Global Cities