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Xi Consolidates Power and Nuclear Antics from Russia

Ravi Agrawal, Prashant Rao, and Lijia Zhang join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.
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About This Episode

What does Xi Jinping’s power grab at the conclusion of China’s Communist Party Congress imply, and what should we expect from his next five years in power? Plus, the West accuses Russia of plotting to use a “dirty bomb” laced with nuclear material. Council President Ivo Daalder examines these claims and the likelihood of a Russian nuclear strike, joined by Lijia Zhang, Foreign Policy editor in chief Ravi Argawal, and Semafor's Prashant Rao on World Review.

About the Panelists
Ravi Agrawal
Editor in Chief, Foreign Policy
Ravi Agrawal is editor in chief of Foreign Policy. Prior to joining FP, Agrawal worked at CNN for more than a decade in full-time roles spanning three continents, including as the network’s New Delhi bureau chief and correspondent.
Prashant Rao
Senior Editor, Semafor
Prashant Rao
Prashant Rao is a senior editor at Semafor. Prior to that, he was a former senior editor at The Atlantic, where he oversaw the Global section, and was the deputy Europe business editor for The New York Times.
Prashant Rao
Writer, Social Commentator, and Public Speaker
Author photo of Lijia Zhang.
Lijia Zhang is a factory-worker-turned writer, social commentator and public speaker. Her articles have appeared in The Guardian, Newsweek and The New York Times. She is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir “Socialism Is Great!” and "Lotus."
Author photo of Lijia Zhang.
President, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Headshot of Ivo H. Daalder
Ivo H. Daalder served as the US ambassador to NATO from 2009 to 2013 prior to becoming President of the Council. Previously, he was a senior fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution and served as director for European affairs on President Bill Clinton’s National Security Council. He is the author or editor of 10 books.
Headshot of Ivo H. Daalder