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Defending American Airspace Against Unidentified Objects

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi discusses recent incursions by an alleged surveillance balloon and other unidentified objects into North American airspace.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
Craig Kafura
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In the past two weeks, the United States military has shot down four high altitude objects over North American airspace. While the first object was a Chinese balloon alleged to have been used for surveillance purposes, details have been sparse on the remaining three objects. What do American officials know about these objects, and what steps are being taken to secure American airspace from future incursions? Join Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi for a timely discussion on these issues.

About the Speakers
United States Congressman for Illinois’ 8th District
Headshot of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi
Raja Krishnamoorthi represents the 8th District of Illinois, which includes Chicago’s west and northwest suburbs. He is the Ranking Member of the House Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party and is also a member of the Emerging Leaders Class of 2010.
Headshot of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi
Assistant Director, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
headshot of Craig Kafura
Craig Kafura is the assistant director for public opinion and foreign policy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, a Security Fellow with the Truman National Security Project, and a Pacific Forum Young Leader. At the Council, he coordinates work on public opinion and foreign policy and is a regular contributor to the public opinion and foreign policy blog Running Numbers.
headshot of Craig Kafura

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